Badger & Mushroom

Add a little wood to your life.

Hi, I'm Carrie.  My husband Brent and I are the owners of Badger and Mushroom.  A few years ago, we took a beginning woodturning class on a whim. That first class led to a second, a third, and so many more, it's difficult to count.  I had started out just wanting to learn how to make spindles for my other hobbies of knitting and spinning, but I fell in love with the process of woodturning--everything from finding the perfect log, through buffing the finished product.  I make bowls, lidded boxes, spinning tops, ornaments, and pretty much anything else that is round.  Brent focuses on items specifically for the gents, with his shaving brushes and stands.  We also have teamed up with ceramics artist Nicole Morales and metal artist Robin Utz to add a little variety to our wooden wares.

Almost all of the woods we use are locally sourced from downed trees and limbs, or from trees removed due to construction or dangerous conditions.  We also share and trade wood with other woodturners in the St. Louis area and beyond to increase the variety of woods we're able to turn.  Some very beautiful types of wood are not available locally, so in a few cases we do purchase small amounts of sustainably harvested wood from other countries.  Check out our process to see how we transform a log into a bowl, so you can see how all the steps of the process are handled locally.

I hope you enjoy the galleries of our work posted here.  If you like what you see, you can checkout our Badger & Mushroom online store, find brushes directly at Brent's Brushes,  or contact us directly for custom items.  


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